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September 1 2010
This month I have been busy – not only teaching others, but learning myself! I was excited to attend the Leslie Desmond, three day clinic in Gwynedd (trained by Bill Dorrance, see below). It was impressive to see Leslie in action, watching her control the horses with such clarity and sureness using no special equipment was an inspiration.

July 14 2010
'Forever' is a 16.2hh TB mare who is about to be trained western! I feel we already have a
good bond developing, but would like to spend some more time with her. I'm hoping she'll
be much less bouncy soon, and my arms won't end up the 2ft longer they felt after a
ride across the corn fields!


July 10 2010
I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about a horse I'm working with at the moment:
A 16hh TB gelding, rescued by his owners from going to slaughter. A very switched off horse
with no real interest in life right now, we're very much at the beginning of a long road, but
we'll be doing all we can to get him there!


July 8 2010
Firstly I'd like to thank you for visiting my website – this is the start of a new venture for me!
I have ridden horses and worked with them throughout my life, and I am now ready to share
my knowledge and help others develop their horsemanship skills.

I'd also like to mention Bill Dorrance and his influence on how I shall be helping the people
I instruct.